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An event so BIG you can't afford to miss it!
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NOW That You are all set to attend, what do you need to bring?
Run through this checklist before Jan.10th!
This is a conference and although we will make every effort to keep the room at a comforable temperature, it is better to be prepared than to suffer from being cold all day!

 Favorite Pen

You will be writing a lot so I suggest you bring your favorite pen if you have one!
 Good Attitude
You will be sitting for a majority of the day, but the information you will be learnign is priceless! The better your attitude, the more you will take away!


We have several phenomenal speakers coming to help you with your business. Please be respectful of their time and do not talk on the phone while they are presenting.
You will be receiving a homework assignment about a week before the event. This assignment is critical to the success of writing your business plan. It should only take you about 10 minutes so please take the time to complete this.